领导教育 Training 和 STEM 项目

领导教育 Training (LET) is administered by retired 和 regular Army personnel assigned to the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps at 费什伯恩 Military School. “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens” is the mission statement of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program. FMS JROTC teaches the value of 公民身份, 领导, 服务社会, 个人责任, 还有成就感, 在灌输自尊的同时, 团队合作, 和自律.

费什伯恩 Military School focuses on the development of better citizens by building skills in 领导, 公民身份, 人生的成功, 地理位置, 文化意识, 健康, 和 fitness in a structured interactive environment.

The JROTC Department is dedicated to promoting the broad, lifelong skills that every cadet needs for success in future life 和 career endeavors. FMS utilizes a military structure as a vehicle to teach 领导 和 responsibility where students will experience a more structured 和 disciplined environment. This includes classroom 和 laboratory instruction in the history, 海关, traditions 和 purpose of Army JROTC. Core Values are taught through classroom 和 field activities which are specifically designed to help young men:

  1. Build their capacity for lifelong learning
  2. Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, 和 written techniques
  3. Take responsibility for their actions 和 choices
  4. Do their share as a good citizen in their school, community, country, 和 the world
  5. Treat themselves 和 others with respect
  6. 应用 critical thinking techniques

Introduction to 领导教育 Training \ LET I

  • Foundations of Army JROTC 和 Getting Involved
  • Being an Army JROTC Leader—The Making of a Better Citizen
  • Your Personal Appearance 和 Uniform
  • American Military Traditions, Customs 和 Courtesies
  • 领导能力
  • 知道Yourself-Socrates
  • 通过以下方式欣赏多样性 赢得了颜色 & 个人成长计划
  • 成为一个积极的学习者
  • Learning to Learn—Brain Structure 和 Function
  • Learning Styles 和 Processing Preferences
  • 多元智能
  • 学习技巧
  • 为意义而阅读
  • Study Habits that Work for You
  • Communications Skills—Becoming a Better Listener
  • 解决冲突
  • 演习及仪式
  • Cadet Challenge (Presidential Fitness Test)

Intermediate 领导教育 Training \ LET II

  • Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle—You Are What You Eat
  • Nutrition—Nourishing Your Body
  • First Aid for Emergency 和 Non-Emergency Situations
  • Geography, Map Skills 和 Environmental Awareness
  • Drug Awareness—Tobacco, Alcohol 和 Other Drugs
  • You the People—Citizenship Skills; foundations of the American Political System
  • Creating the Constitution—Articles of Confederation 1871
  • The Bill of Rights—Protection of Rights Within the Judicial System
  • Military Justice System; Citizens’ Roles in American Democracy
  • Cadet Challenge (Presidential Fitness Test)

Applied 领导教育 Training \ LET III

  • Celebrating Differences—Culture 和 Individual Diversity
  • Decision Making 和 Problem Solving
  • Presentation Skills—Becoming a Better Writer 和 Speaker
  • 冲突管理;
  • 管理愤怒
  • 职业规划
  • 计划技能和社交能力
  • 责任
  • NEFE High School Financial Planning Program
  • Critical Thinking 和 Citizenship
  • Leadership Choices, Decisions 和 Consequences
  • Ethical Choices, Decisions 和 Consequences
  • Taking Charge – Knowing the 责任 of a Leader. 礼仪
  • Cadet Challenge (Presidential Fitness Test)

Advanced 领导教育 Training \ LET IV

  • 为国家服务
  • Leadership Principles, Theory 和 Application
  • 权力基础与影响力
  • 领导风格
  • Management 和 Communication Skills
  • Teaching Skills – Developing, Implementing 和 the Use of Variety in Lesson Planning
  • 地图和图形组织者
  • Using Feedback in the Classroom
  • 礼仪
  • Cadet Challenge (Presidential Fitness Test)

CyberPatriots \ Cyber (IT) Education

CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created to motivate students towards careers in cybersecurity 和 other science, 技术, 工程, 和 mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The national youth cyber defense competition is a tournament structured event. Teams of 2-5 students are scored on how well they identify 和 secure known vulnerabilities on virtual machine images of operating systems. The competition is not only fun 和 exciting, it also creates a career path for today’s students, fostering continued education from high school through college 和 into the beginning of their careers.